UPS Shipping Module for shopping carts


For just about any shopping cart!
(for LINUX or UNIX servers running Perl)

This module queries the UPS server and returns a shipping price based on the parameters you have provided. This is done using a pop-up window so it can be added to any page. The user selects a preferred shipping method, and a pop-up window displays the shipping price. When the user accepts the quote, it is returned to a "read only" field on the checkout page, and the user continues with the checkout process.

Have you already wasted time trying to implement the XML tools? Is it just too much of a pain for what you want to accomplish? This method returns the exact same rates as you get when you look up shippping charges on the UPS site iteslef, but now it is integrated into your customer's shopping experience.

I spent countless hours searching Perl Script sites for a UPS Shipping module that could be added to a cart that was already in use by one of my customers. What a frustrating waste of time! When I got this script working, I knew I had developed something of great value.

Right now, I'm selling it for only $25. Try it! If it doesn't work for you, and it doesn't save you from hours of frustration, I'll refund your money.

Here's a demo.

(originally designed for the Digital PressWorks shopping cart)

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